I. General provisions

1. The loyalty program "SerwisKop Pro" is designed to reward customers of SERWIS KOP SP. Z O.O. SP.K., based in Rzeszów 35-082, ul. Podkarpacka 57, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.
2. These Regulations contain the conditions for participation in the Program.
3. The Regulations apply to the Organizer and Participants from the moment of announcement..
4. Joining the Program on-line takes place by setting up a user account in the online store (website) (hereinafter "Account"). Creating an Account is possible after reading and accepting these Regulations and the regulations of the website available at ADRES REGULAMIN
5. Each Account holder is also a Program Participant.
6. Any rights resulting from the Program may not be transferred by the Participant to a third party.

II. Points

1. Participants of the Program may be adults with full legal capacity.
2. The organizer does not knowingly process personal data of children over 18 years of age without the valid consent of their legal representatives or children under 18.
3. Each Program Participant may collect points for the purchase of goods or services in the online store (service) run by the Organizer at the Internet address:
4. Each Participant may have only one account in the Program.
5. Points and rights related to the Program may not be sold, transferred or disposed of in any other way - in particular between accounts belonging to different Participants, nor may they be the subject of any other activities, except for those specified in these Regulations.
6. The right to use the Participant's account, and in particular the right to exchange points for price discounts, is only available to the Participant.
7. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

III. Conditions for participation in the Program - SERWIS KOP PRO

1. To join the Program, you must complete and send a correctly completed Account registration form on-line on the website;
2. The application referred to in § 3 section 1 above (hereinafter the "application") may be submitted online on the website
3. An on-line application on the website may only be submitted by an adult.
4. By submitting an online application on the website, the Participant is obliged to complete the application form. and its sending to the Organizer by means of the above-mentioned Web page. After the application is properly completed and submitted, the account is registered.
5. From the moment of registering the SERWIS KOP, the Participant may collect points on his account using the Account in the SERWIS KOP Store. The participant must be logged in to his Account in order to use points and collect points.
6. The text of the Regulations is available on the website
7. In the case of an incomplete application (also understood as an application of a person under 18 years of age submitted without the consent of the legal representative for the child's participation in the Program) or incorrectly completed, as well as in the event of failure to confirm registration by the Participant by e-mail, the Organizer will contact the person, whose data appear on the application, for its correct (complete) filling or confirmation of registration by e-mail. If it is not possible to ask the person whose data appears on the application for its correct (complete) filling or confirmation of registration (e.g. lack of sufficient data) or failure to correctly (complete) fill in the application or confirmation of registration within the time limit indicated by the Organizer, the Organizer refuses to accept the application, deletes the Participant's account.
8. The Organizer shall cancel the SERWIS KOP account and delete the Participant's account along with the collected points, if the Participant provided false personal data in the application (in particular regarding his age on the date of application).
9. The organizer may not accept the application form also in the case of re-applying for the status of a Participant after being excluded from the Program. The Organizer then has the right to delete the Participant's account.
10. The Participant is excluded from the Program if the Participant takes actions contrary to the Regulations, aimed at extorting benefits from the Organizer under the Program or violating the Organizer's good name.

IV. Application

1. The online application form is available on the website
2. An application submitted by a person under 18 is automatically rejected without verifying the correctness of the data provided.

V. Collecting points on the Program Participant's account

1. Points in the Program are awarded for making in the online store (service) run by the Organizer at the Internet address: and collected on the Participant's account.
2. Only the Organizer has the right to determine the number of points for a transaction and the type of products covered by the Program.
3. Points may be credited to the Participant's account only after logging into the SERWIS KOP account during the transaction, points will be added automatically if the Participant is logged in to his Account.
4. In the case of returning the purchased goods, the Organizer will cancel the number of points previously granted for the purchase of the returned goods. In the case of returning the goods purchased in the online store (website) operated by the Organizer at the Internet address:, the Participant is obliged to log into the SERWIS KOP Account.
5. In the event of a return of goods for which a discount was granted on the basis of the SERWIS KOP rebate code, the code is not refundable.
6. After collecting a certain number of points, the user can exchange it for a discount code valid for one year from the date of its creation.
7. Granting the Program Participant a discount code specified in point 6 will result in deducting a certain number of points from the Participant's account.
8. Points received by the Program Participant are valid for 12 months, and after this period they are automatically deleted. Deleting the collected and unused points referred to above means their loss. If, after resetting the account, the Participant makes purchases in the Organizer's online store in the territory of the Republic of Poland, points are calculated from scratch.
9. The SERWIS KOP PRO discount codes may only be used in the Organizer's online store in the Republic of Poland, at the time specified in the code.
10. Discount codes cannot be exchanged for cash. They cannot be transferred to third parties.
11. Discount codes are valid only in the SERWIS KOP online store. The rebate codes referred to above cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts in the Organizer's online store at
12. The rebate codes mentioned above will be sent to the Program Participant by post or via electronic means of communication (eg by e-mail, SMS, MMS and other similar technologies, eg RCS / SMS 2.0.).

VI. Termination of participation in the program

1. The SERWIS KOP account is no longer active after deleting the Participant's data from the Organizer's database.
2. Deletion of the Participant's data (deletion of the Participant's account) takes place when:
a) The participant has withdrawn from the Program voluntarily,
b) The participant requested the cessation of the processing of personal data,
c) The Program Participant, within 10 years from the date of the last transaction using the SERWIS KOP Account, has not purchased the online store (service) operated by the Organizer at the following internet address:
d) It is not possible to supplement an incomplete or incorrectly completed application, the Participant has not confirmed the registration by e-mail or, despite the Organizer's call, there has been no confirmation of registration by e-mail or supplementing an incomplete or incorrectly completed application
e) The participant provided false personal data in the application (in particular about his age at the date of application)
f) in the case of exclusion of the Participant from the Program (the case specified in § 3 point 12 of the Regulations);
g) The participant deleted the SERWIS KOP Account
3. The condition for the Participant's withdrawal from the Program is to notify the Organizer. In the case referred to in paragraph. 2 lit. h) above, deletion of the Account is the same as notifying the Organizer about the withdrawal from the Program and causes the membership in the Program to expire and the Participant's account to be deleted.
4. Deleting the Participant's data from the Organizer's database causes the deletion and loss of unused points collected on the Account.
5. Deleting the Participant's data in the Program causes the simultaneous deletion of the SERWIS KOP connected with the Account.

VII. Customer Service Center SERWIS KOP

1. Information on the Program, including information on the point balance, can be obtained by phone at the Customer Service Center (hotline number 17 864 31 00), by sending an e-mail to the address or on the website www.serwis-kop. pl.
2. In order to protect the interests of the Participants, the SERWIS KOP reserves the right to ask questions to identify the Participant during a telephone conversation. In the event of refusal to provide identification information, the Organizer is not obliged to comply with the requests of the alleged Participant.

VIII. Final Provisions

1. The organizer reserves the right to change these regulations during the Program. Any changes to these Regulations will apply from the date of their announcement on the website belonging to the Organizer.
2. The Organizer reserves the right to end the Program at any time after 30 days from the date of publication of such information on the website
3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly.

IX. Processing of Personal Data

1. The administrator of your personal data is SERWIS KOP SP. Z O.O. SP.K. with headquarters in Rzeszów, at ul. Podkarpacka 57a, 35-082 Rzeszów, registered in the District Court for the city of Rzeszów, XII Commercial Division, NIP: 8133529749 REGON: 180286726. (hereinafter: "we"). You can contact us using the telephone number 17 864 3100 and the e-mail address:
2. We need your personal data:
a) in order to conclude and perform the contract concluded with you regarding your participation in the Program, in particular in order to send you rebate codes
b) in order to fulfill our obligations under the tax and accounting law (legal basis);
c) for archival purposes, asserting rights and claims, defending against claims (basis - our legitimate interest);
d) for the purpose of implementing after-sales activities consisting in the analysis and research of customer satisfaction, interest in the brands and products we sell and our services (basis - our legitimate interest);
e) for analytical and statistical purposes - better selection of products and services to the needs of our customers, general optimization of our products, optimization of service processes, building knowledge about our customers (basis - our legitimate interest);
f) to ensure the security of the services we provide electronically, to prevent fraud (basis - our legitimate interest);
g) to carry out personalized marketing activities in the field of direct marketing regarding our business and the products and services we offer (basis - our legitimate interest).
If you give your additional and voluntary consent, we will also be able to process your personal data in order to send you information and marketing and promotional materials regarding our business and the goods or services we offer (including birthday codes, bonuses and other additional gifts, with the exception of codes obtained for collecting the appropriate number of points on the KOP SERVICE Card) via e-mail or SMS / MMS, as well as other similar technologies, such as RCS / SMS 2.0. When conducting marketing activities, we analyze your preferences so as to best match the marketing communication to your interests. We analyze these preferences on the basis of data received from you, such as purchase history or the use of certain services. Details regarding the processing of your data for marketing and promotional purposes are included in the Privacy Policy available at PRYWANTOSC
If you have a linked KOP SERVICE account, then for the purposes described above, we will also use your additional data obtained as part of the operation of the linked accounts.
In addition, you may consent to the recording of telephone conversations with you by the Helpline, which will enable us to control the standards of conversations with our clients.
3. In some cases, when it is necessary for the services we provide or a legal obligation, we will be entitled to disclose your personal data to the following groups of recipients:
a) our authorized employees and associates to whom your personal data will be disclosed so that they can perform their duties;
b) entities to which we entrust the processing of your personal data in connection with the provision of services for us (processors), e.g. IT tool suppliers, companies providing archiving services, companies handling the sending of e-mail and SMS messages, our advisors, advertising agencies;
c) other recipients of data - companies providing courier and postal services, logistics companies, payment intermediaries, companies from our capital group;
d) public authorities, including tax offices, the Police, law enforcement authorities, if necessary or provided for by law.
4. We will process your personal data processed in connection with your participation in the Program for the period in which claims related to it may be revealed, i.e. for 6 years + 1 year from the end of the calendar year in which the participation in the Program ended, including 6 years is the possible period for the execution of claims related to participation in the Program, plus an additional year in the event of last-minute claims, delivery problems, and the counting from the end of the calendar year is used to determine one data deletion date for participation in the Program ending in a given calendar year . In addition, we will process your personal data for marketing purposes for the period in which these purposes resulting from consent or from our legitimate interest remain valid, but not longer than until you object or withdraw your consent, in each case not longer than for the period of your participation in the Program and a period of 1 year from the end of the calendar year in which participation in the Program ended. For other purposes based on our legitimate interest, we will process your personal data for the period of validity of these purposes or until you object. With regard to the processing of your personal data by us based on a legal obligation, we will process your data until this legal obligation lasts, e.g. until the tax limitation period expires.
5. Due to the fact that we process your personal data, you have:
a) the right to request us to access your personal data and the right to rectify it, delete it ("the right to be forgotten") or limit processing;
b) object to our processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, which results in the cessation of our processing of your data for direct marketing purposes;
c) the right to object for reasons related to your particular situation, if personal data are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest. However, we will continue to process personal data to the extent necessary, if there is a legitimate reason on our side;
d) the right to transfer data processed on the basis of your consent or a contract between us and you;
e) if the basis for the processing of your data is your consent, then you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent, however, does not affect the lawfulness of our processing of your personal data, which we have made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
You can exercise all of the above-mentioned rights:
a) by e-mail, by sending an e-mail to the address;
b) by writing to us in writing to the following address: SERWIS KOP SP. Z O.O. SP.K. with headquarters in Rzeszów, ul. Podkarpacka 57, 35-082 Rzeszów;
c) by contacting by phone on 17 864 31 00
The withdrawal of your marketing consents is also possible at the company's headquarters. When contacting us, please remember to provide us with your contact details and the preferred form and time of contact. This allows us to answer your questions and requests more efficiently.
6. Providing your personal data necessary to join the Program is a condition for the conclusion and performance of the contract. If the required personal data indicated in the application form is not provided, it will not be possible to join the Program and participate in it. The consent to the use of some personal data for our marketing activities is voluntary and not related to the contract. If consent is not given, the Participant will not receive any information, marketing and promotional materials via e-mail or SMS / MMS or other similar technologies, eg RCS / SMS 2.0.
7. Further information on the processing of your data as part of the SERWIS website, including information on the processing of personal data in cookies and other similar Internet technologies, can be found in the regulations of the website at https: / / and in the Privacy Policy available at PRYWATNOSCI
8. The protection of personal data is very important to us. Of these, among others For reasons in our company, we have appointed a personal data protection officer, with whom you will be able to contact in all matters regarding your personal data at the e-mail address
9. If our explanations and actions turn out to be insufficient or defective, you may lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Data: 10-12-2020

Signed by Wacław Rędziniak


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